Raelee's entry won a place in the Unlikely Merger collaborative romance novella, third in the Heart Seekers Series from Write Integrity Press. This cutting edge novella posted chapter-by-chapter on Write Integrity's blog June 8-19th, then readers voted on which hero proposes marriage to heroine Mercy Lovelace. Want to know which fellow was Raelee's brain child and which won the votes? You can grab the Unlikely Merger Kindle book now or catch a print volume of the series!

Parker J. Cole hosted Raelee on The Write Stuff on WLUV 103.3 Detroit and Blogtalkradio. Catch it live on July 21, 2015 at 7 p.m. ET and recorded later.

Raelee returned to the LaLiterati Podcast on September 1, 2015 at 7 p.m ET! You catch her chat with hosts Niles and Tosha live or later here or on iTunes.

Raelee's latest book Liberation Song was released on May 1, 2015 by eLectio Publishing! Also available from major online retailers, & Bestseller's in Mason, MI.

Check out Raelee's May 7, 2015 appearance on Michigan Volumes, premiere radio about Michigan books and authors, on Michigan Volumes' Soundcloud.

You can listen Raelee's April 2 appearance on the La Literati Podcast here or find the recording on iTunes.

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Raelee May Carpenter

author, sojourner, adventurer

Hi. I'm Raelee.

I'm a Christian and an author, but my work may not be quite what you expect. It's hard to describe--light literary fiction that dances where it will along popular genre lines. My novels and short writings are known as passionate, descriptive, and  somewhat edgy.

My three lifelong passions are faith, people, and words. My mission is in my blood, and it's simple: to tell you the story of the Grace that saved my life... because someday, it just might save  yours.